A Mere Reality

A Chicago Hip-Hop Story

Strickland, a B-Boy from the Southside of Chicago grew up in the 80’s and 90’s during the golden era of Hip-Hop; rhyming and battling on the Chi-Town streets prepared him to take over what would become a billion dollar industry. During the late 90’s America changed and Hip-Hop followed suit. There was an influx of money in Hip-Hop, but it came with a cost.

Hip-Hop became darker, and Strickland became darker with it. He had to make a decision to contribute to society or add to its demise. What happens when you speak the truth? What happens when you mention the elephant in the room? You suddenly realize that what you believed to be true is nothing more than A Mere Reality.

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Boobie Boy

Miami’s Urban Chronicle’s Volume 2 

Boobie Boys : Miami’s Urban Chronicles Volume II, an urban literary fiction which portrays a biopic of career criminals in the drug trade set in the international city of Miami.

Neighborhood friends are enticed by the lore of money and power to sell drugs. The trials and tribulations faced by minorities are comparably different from their nonminority counterparts. For the main character “Kaz” his desire for money and power leads to his detriment as a leader among his childhood friends.

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Cursed by the Candy

“Cursed by the Candy “is an urban love tale. Toi’s existence revolved around the materials only a hustler could provide. Money, cars and status were a necessity in order to even approach her. Come correct or don’t come at all, that was her philosophy .The avenues she traveled, presented her with life learning experiences. The “candy” was sweet, however the consequences weren’t. Money was her motivation, but love took her soul. PJ introduced her to the game, but D is why she played it.
Follow Toi’s journey down to “Candy” Land and ask yourself …was it worth it?

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Emotions of a Woman

A Collection of Poetic Expressions

It is a theory that women’s minds are very complex. This author believes differently. Like their counter the male; women love, they suffer loss, have self-esteem issues, and are always on the path to find what truly makes them happy. My belief is; the only thing that separates the two, are the way they process the same thoughts.

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Fatal Truce

A tale of broken dreams, broken promises, and broken lives pieced together with fortitude, in the midst of moral decay. All that’s left is a glimmer of hope that tomorrow will be better, then for a moment it is well, and the universe is at peace. And just at daybreak life orchestrates this, cruel and strategically, debilitating game once more…

Dre grows from a boy into manhood in a way no child should have to; but too often must. With a pocket full of dashed hopes and broken dreams he manages to protect those he loves by any means possible. It is an unusually cruel real life game of chess where the stakes are life and death.

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Hip-Hop History Volume 1

The Incorporation of Hip-Hop: Circa 1970-1989

I consider myself lucky to be born on the 29th of December in the year of 1970. On the other side of my Mother’s womb awaited Afro’s, bell bottoms, black power and soul music. However amidst the black love lay a dark cloud mixed with despair, poverty, racism, violent protest and civil unjust. Soul music was the one constant that seem to make it all go away if only for a few minutes. I can remember my parents spinning the 12 inch vinyl’s and 45’s of Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Teddy Pendergrass, Lou Rawls, James Brown and so many more in our living room. There was a dark blue couch that looked like it was made of fur with two white leather straps across the arms. Crystal vases held fresh Crown and black musk incents filled the air. Often my Aunts, Uncles and their friends would gather at our place on the weekends to dance, play spades, drink and party. That feeling of family, joy and togetherness still warms my heart every time I hear one of the soul classics from back then.

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Hip-Hop History Volume 2

The Incorporation of Hip-Hop: Circa 1990-1999

Let’s take it back to the seventies

When Rap was born and made emcees.

But before they could even bless the Mic

It would be the DJ that rocked the night

From the Message that rained down from Sugar Hill

To the beat from chic that spun the wheel

When the Godfather & Ms. Summer ruled the dance floors

It would be a mighty Blow from Harlem to break down the doors

Similar to the Chuck Taylor’s that graced the league

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Hip-Hop History Volume 3

The Incorporation of Hip-Hop: Circa 2000 -2010

Hip-Hop at it’s core is authentic and unapologetic without those two attributes, you ain’t Hip-Hop! If you feel like you’re disrespecting someone, when you say the word nigga, you’re definitely not Hip-Hop. So, don’t even put yourself in that space, especially if you feel you must hold your tongue when in the presence of Hip-Hop heads. The culture was created in the mist of poverty, police brutality, violence, racism, and a love for music. We stood on the shoulders of giants and road the waves of jazz, disco, r&b and rock & roll into the spotlight.

It’s now up to the new generation to carry the torch but respect your forefathers and recognize who’s shoulders you’re standing on. Study your Hip-Hop History so that you may continuously evolve the culture and keep the damn culture vultures at bay.

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