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Jayne Kennedy

For millions of people who came of age in the 1960’s and 70’s, Jayne Kennedy was more than just the sexy “IT Girl”. She was a cherished role model, a beacon of feminism and strength for women and African-American women in particular. Jayne was an inspiration and literally broke the mold on how women took control of their careers and presented themselves in the media. She was bold and beautiful and resisted being pigeon-holed as just another pretty face decades before the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

She demanded respect from her male peers in Hollywood as well as the C-suites of both television and film as well as the front offices of major league sports. Professional athletes clamored to be interviewed by her and she quickly became CBS’ go- to anchor for the biggest "gets"! After her two-year stint with CBS her career soared from there and she went on to become a household name starring in films and television as well as becoming the very first woman of color celebrity spokesperson for global brands like Coca-Cola, Revlon, Jovan and others. Not to mention gracing the coveted cover of Playboy magazine - yet another first! She also hosted the longest running syndicated television sports show “Greatest Sports Legends” where she interviewed idols such as Bill Russell, Arthur Ashe, Jimmy Connors, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Holmes and scores of other sports legends.

Now nearly three decades later after being ‘off the radar’ and raising four beautiful daughters, Jayne is back and not pulling any punches ... with what she is calling “Jayne 2.0 - Unfinished Business”, beginning with her hard cover coffee-table pictorial book “Jayne Kennedy | American Icon: Through the Lens of Lamonte McLemore” (noted fashion photographer and founder of the Grammy award-winning pop soul group The 5th Dimension) with a foreward by international celebrity stylist Law Roach to be released 4Q 2019 followed up with her long awaited and highly anticipated candid autobiography “Plain Jayne” scheduled to drop 4Q 2020.
Arguably there would be no Halle, Taraji, Kerry, Jennifer, Lupita, Constance, Angela, Viola, Sandra, Ava, Oprah or many other women of color in the media spotlight today without the ground-breaking and trailblazing achievements of one ... Jayne Kennedy!

JAYNE KENNEDY | AMERICAN ICON: Through the Lens of Lamonte McLemore