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April Black

April Black is a screenwriter, film director and post-production editor. She has had a passion for
writing and producing since junior high school. She knew she wanted a future in production when
she won 1st place two years in a row in one of Orlando, Florida’s premiere, “Battle of the Salons”.
In 1985, she wrote her first book, CHECKMATE and slid it underneath her bed. She wanted to
write screenplays but didn’t know how. She took numerous classes in New York and LA over the
next several years to learn the proper format and sharpen her writing skills. Also wanting to seek
film making knowledge, she land her first production assistance internship with Rain Forest Films
on the production of PANDORA’S BOX, hoping to one day become a screenwriter and director of
her own film. In 2001 she gave one of her scripts, FINAL RESPECTS, to a friend who was also
a producer for Rain Forest Films at the time who surprising to April took a strong interest and
wanted to option it. Unfortunately the film company chose another script instead. Afterwards,
she completed over 15 scripts only to slide them underneath her bed along with the first book she
wrote almost 15 years earlier. Most likely due to fear of rejection, she never sent any of her work to
production companies or publishers for consideration.
Never giving up on her dreams of film production but refusing to send out her scripts for consideration,
In 2010 April decided to enrolled in Full Sails University for Film Production where she fell
in love with being behind the camera and editing, which she quickly learned was another form of
storytelling. After a year and a half and thousands of dollars of student loans piling up, she decided
to spend her own savings and begin to produce her first film, CHAMPAGNE, a hip-hop and RnB
musical which is still in production.
April is an Air force veteran, mother of four and has six grandchildren that she adores. She currently
resides in Atlanta, Georgia.