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Stephen R. Alfred

Stephen Richard Alfred has been involved in various aspects of the film and music industries for over 35 years, in areas of performance, sales, merchandising, production, and industry research. An internationally published author on the marketing aspects of the film industry in the USA, Alfred holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree from the Grenoble École de Management in Grenoble, France. For the past nine years, Alfred has worked in various aspects of production, including marketing development of packages, graphic arts, casting considerations, script development, and as special assistant. Alfred has worked directly in the development of the motion picture and television projects for Arlene Knight (KVE/Knight vision Entertainment Media Group - SILENT VOICE, POR QUE NO EVA, CONGO SQUARE, SECULAR SAM [aka 10 PERCENT SAM], WAIT UNTIL THE THAW, and YEAR ZERO). Alfred has also worked with Zon Pickens (Telezon Entertainment Worldwide); and Special Projects with Aaron Williams (Digital Media Production House -UNNERD OF)