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Seanne N. Murray

Seanne N. Murray, widely known as "SNM" and the architect of inspirational erotica, has been tantalizing and inspiring readers since 2014. Born in Detroit, raised in Westport, Connecticut and educated in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, SNM aspired to be a writer from the early age of seven. Distracted by her desire to please others and follow direction, she cultivated a successful business career which included becoming an esquire, not to be confused with escort, and enjoying the fruits of working on Wall Street. In 2001, following the terror she endured on 9/11, she experienced a profound inner transformation that triggered a radical change in the course of her life. Since then, she's been devoted to exploring and understanding the interconnectedness, or oneness, as she calls it, of humanity with a specific interest in women. The core of her expression is intense evaluation, self-acceptance and non-judgment, the prerequisites for intellectual, spiritual and sexual fulfillment. SNM is a nomad and claims no place of permanent domicile.