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Lorezno 'El Gee' Gladden

Lorenzo “EL GEE” Gladden was born and raised in Fayetteville, NC by his grandparents. In 1991, his grandfather opened a church which relocated Gladden to Hartsville, SC. After high school he attended Francis Marion University where he received his B.A in English with a minor in Mass Communications. He also became a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. While in college he became a DJ for the local college scene. Gladden did pretty well as a DJ but something was missing. About a year after his college graduation he was approached by a man about becoming his in-house DJ for a local strip club…that man was Antwan “Ant” BANK$. For a couple of years they became the “Dynamic Duo” of the adult entertainment industry. They implemented a flawless system that turned a young club in to the hottest gentlemen’s club in the Pee Dee area. The clubs newfound status attracted dancers and partygoers from miles around.

In 2003 EL GEE felt that he wanted more out of life. He hung up his turntables and moved to Atlanta, GA. While in the ATL, he had a chance to reflect over his life and his role in the lives of the people that he’d touched along the way. During a night of reminiscing, he stumbled across a story that he wrote while in college. That story would eventually become his first novel. Using his love for music, interaction with females and knack for putting together and playing with words, he realized that writing is what he was destined to do. Within the covers that bind his books together, the reader will find a rollercoaster of lies, tricks and deceit intertwined with a host of relationships between males and females.