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Kalandra St. George

"Moves don't make themselves", a phrase coined by the groundbreaking poet and author Kalandra St. George. Her debut onto the writing stage gave us "A Turn of Kismet" in 2015, a novel that wraps the reader in a pleasant fog of truth, friendship, pain, love, and desire. Loosely based on St. George's own life experiences, this piece of realistic fiction can mirror varying aspects of the lives of its readers. It boldly confronts the truths of love and relationships and offers up no apologies.

Since then, St. George has continued to write poetry and is currently working on publishing a written and audio collaboration, and freelances for local artists in the music industry. She remains very active within her community, and her work extends beyond the realm of the written word. In October 2015 she delighted the audience as she hosted "The Black Tour" fashion show at Stitches Design Studio in Atlanta, Georgia. She has lent her voice to stand against domestic violence and educate teens on the struggles of teen pregnancy. In February of 2015 she volunteered for PADV, the Partnership Against Domestic Violence at the annual Teen Dating Violence Summit. A few months later in July she also shared her experiences to caution youth at the DeKalb County Board of Health Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program: Steps Toward the Future as a Youth Program Speaker/Instructor. Recently St. George has been tapped as a co-writer/producer for an upcoming television series.

A prolific author, poet, and community activist, Kalandra St. George continues to use her experiences to not only captivate audiences but to instill a sense of strength and responsibility in today's youth. She currently resides in the Metro Atlanta area with her three beautiful children.