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Joseph Bryant, Jr., D.Min

Since 1999, Dr. Joseph Bryant Jr has been a trusted advisor within the sports industry, life coach and consultant to professional athletes and their families. Known to many as in the athletic world as “The Players’ Pastor” and “THE GAME CHANGER," Dr. Bryant uses his unique talents to prepare players for career transitions through strategic planning, business development, networking expansion and sports/technology platforms, creating the tools to implement a GAME PLAN FOR SUCCESS.
Dr. Bryant is the founder of PROSPEAK, a network of current and former athletes committed to influencing the lives of others through motivational speaking, mentoring, personal development and social impact.
Dr. Bryant is the National Sports Director for Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, serving as liaison to the sports industry and organizing sports events and engagements with the current and former players from the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball. He is also co-director of the Rainbow Push Silicon Valley Diversity Project, assisting in the strategic planning, organization and implementation of opportunities in tech.
Dr. Bryant has been the Senior Pastor of Calvary Hill Church of SF since 1996, as well as President of Calvary Hill Social Services. Calvary Hill provides partnerships and services in technology, financial literacy, workforce development and a phenomenal youth afterschool program called Vision Academy. He is also Founder of Good News Today & The Good News Today Foundation is utilized to help athletes build bridges of hope, Impact and influence in underserved communities, maximizing their platform for the greater good.