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Brigitte M. Marshall

Brigitte Marshall is a marketing professional who lives in Atlanta, GA. Originally from the northeast, her love of writing began while attending twelve years of Catholic school and continued after she graduated from Seton Hall University in New Jersey. She made her way to Atlanta by way of a job transfer in the early 1990’s and was in Atlanta when it hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics. She saw the city come alive and knew she had made the right choice to move here. She bought her first home in Northwest Atlanta and moved into the city seven years later.
Her professors and friends always told Brigitte that she wrote well and she finally heeded everyone’s advice. After writing short stories and poems for friends, she finally wrote her first book ‘Unexpected Power’. The story reflects Brigitte’s belief that you love who you love and although you may fall for the wrong person and get your heart broken, if you truly believe in love, the right person may be just around the corner. And as an author, Brigitte aspires to continue writing and bringing these types of stories to life.